Good Workouts

mountainYesterday, I talked about bad workouts. Basically, they suck and they’re going to happen so be ready. Don’t let them ruin your life or hang out with hookers and garbage.

What about good workouts? HECKYES. They are awesome. Bar is flying, reps are falling out of the fitness machine like a jackpot, and you’re flying the middle fingers of victory to everyone else in the gym.

Sweet, sweet nectar.

1) Congratulations. Workouts like this don’t happen often, so bask in the glory the fitness gods have bestowed upon thee.

Sometimes an athlete destroys a workout and I’ll hear them say something like “Yeah, but I could have done….” or “Ok, but this movement wasn’t good…” SHUT UP.  We get it, you’re always trying to be better. But really you should just give yourself a giant fitness hug because those are the best kind of hugs and you’ve earned one. Successes like these that spur us on to harder work and greater success, so lay back, stop with the self-deprecating BS and soak it in, baby.

2) Just like with bad workouts, this is not the time to change what you’re doing. I’ve had guys in the middle of a squat cycle increase the 1RM we’re getting percentages from up FORTY POUNDS mid-cycle because they had a good workout the day before.  Dude. Just, don’t. Do the work, stay the course.

3) You know what’s coming up next? A bad workout. Or at the very least, a workout that is not as good as this one. It’s amazing the mood shift that is possible from day to do if you don’t anticipate this – Monday people are giggling and talking about “making the Games 2016” and Tuesday they want to cash in their chips and just play Call of Duty. DON’T BE THIS PERSON. Call of Duty is awesome, but saying stuff like this makes you sound like a quitter and a douche. A giant quitter douche.

4) Try to replicate the same conditions in following workouts. Did you eat differently/better? A better warm-up? What was your state of mind? Did you get more sleep? Personally, I am VERY sleep sensitive – 8 hours of sleep I am happy and spreading seeds of joy in my personal life and cracking skulls and destroying weights at the gym. 7 hours of sleep and I want to burn those joy seeds in a fiery furnace and spread their ashes of the pile of cracked skulls outside my house so people leave me alone.

Embrace the success, work to make it happen again, don’t freak out when it doesn’t.

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