Training Week Sneak Peak

Here’s an upcoming session for this week. Here you get a look at the two different tiers of programming at the gym – fitness (health) and competitor (performance).

Pre WOD Competitor:
Work up to a 3RM Pause jerk – Pause in Dip, Pause in split, don’t use the blocks, -5% with no pauses, -10%
5×3  Jerk Dip – this should be at or above your max jerk, can go very heavy if position is good
1RM 10s jerk rack support – be sure shoulders are driving up and into the bar, passing out sucks

Foam roll thoracic spine and cocuh stretch when finished

1 minute goblet squats with pause in the bottom, then
6 minutes-
1 round Burgerner
10 PVC pass throughs

– OVHS – 5×5
Competitor – 5RM OVHS, no pauses, -5%, -10%

WOD: 10 minute AMRAP:
5 Hang full snatches 135/95 (Scale with Hang Power snatch + OVHS) When in doubt, go lighter
7 Bar Facing Burpees

Fitness Cashout:
4 minutes planks and side planks

Competitor Cashout:
3 Rounds:
8 reps – Good Mornings
rest 90 seconds
8 reps – Bent Row

Aerobic Base Development – Competitor:
4 rounds – 2k row – 4 minute rest between rounds

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