Sneak Peek Week – Day 1

Olympic – Full Lift
EMOMx10 – 1 full snatch @ 70%
Olympic – Strength
5×5 Snatch High Pull from the high hang

**This is the closest video I could find – He’s going from mid thigh, and I want you going from the hip. Think down and out of the power position, with as little forward lean as possible. Straps are ok, try to avoid them if possible.

WARM-UP: 6 Minutes
2 Minutes:
3 Wall Squats
3 Air Squats
2 minutes:
6 alternating lunges
6 pushups
2 Minutes:
6 shoulder dislocates
3 close grip OVHS

STRENGTH A: 20 minutes
Fitness: Back Squats 3×10 – Start first set at 60% and go up as possible
Competitor: Back Squats – 10RM – 5 sec pause in bottom 5 sec pause at top, then -5%, -10%, without pauses, perform reps as fast as possible

STRENGTH B: 15 minutes
5 minutes to warm-up to starting weight, then
EMOMx10 – 2 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk, increase weight as possible

STRENGTH C: 15 minutes
Deadlift – 1×2 @ 75%


Speed Deadlifts – 5×3 @ 60% – rest 60s to 90s between each set

Competitors: Stand on a 25 pound plate for a deficit if desired and you don’t have low back issues. Focus on leg drive, butt squeeze and hips at lockout

Fitness Cash-out or Individual Work:
5 minutes – Max hollow hold to max superman hold

Competitor Gymnastic Skill: Perform this work today, Thursday Open Gym or whenever you have time this week – WK1DY1

**NOTE: The following is taken from Dusty Hyland’s Skill WOD, which is AWESOME.

3 sets: 3 swings to Ring Pullup, 1 swing to Muscleup or if you don’t have muscleups, 3 swings to ring pullup, 1 swing to ring pullup – Rest as needed


3 Sets: Ring Muscle-up Complex – Rest two minutes between sets. If you don’t have strict muscle-ups, perform 3 supine ring rows then 3 dips


TEST: 1 Set Max Unbroken Swinging Muscle-ups or Swinging Ring Pullups


6 Sets: 1 weighted strict muscleup or pullup – If doing muscleup, use a med ball or a bumper plate you can drop, DO NOT USE A DIP BELT. If doing pullups, a dip belt is permitted


Support hold with ring turn-out:
Set 1: 10s
Set 2: 10s
Set 3: Max time

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